Sky Genie

SKY GENIE® Descent Device

Easy to Train.  Easy To Use.

The SKY GENIE® is available in two sizes:

    • 12GO Medium, for escape and rescue.
    • 14GO Large, for lifeline, seatboard and rescue.

This device is manufactured of high strength, light weight aluminum.

The SKY GENIE® allows a preset rate of descent by number of turns around the shaft. Few turns for rapid descent, more for slower rates. Descent speed MUST be controlled by user.  Retain trailing end of line in hand at all times.

Decelerate or Stop descent and remain suspended by applying pressure to free end of line. Remain in one position by looping free end of line over the top of the SKY GENIE®.

Unit can be controlled at, above or below point of descent. Always attach line(s) to an anchor point capable of supporting minimum dead weight of 5,000 pounds.

To insure the safety of our customers. Proper training is required before use.

Technical Bulletins and Instruction Manuals MUST be observed. Videos are also available to assist you in being properly trained before use. Test information and Certificates available on request for use of SKY GENIE® equipment.

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